Log file format

The log files from the Blueye drones are in essence a recording of the data that is published over UDP stored as a comma-separated-value (CSV) file.

The rest of this page documents the most useful fields of the log files. The column indices listed are zero-based. If you feel that some fields need more documentation, feel free to open an issue on Github, and we'll happily supply the requested information.


Column Type Unit Description
2 Integer Milliseconds The elapsed time since the start of the log
3 Float Unix timestamp Global time


The position is based on the user's phone's GPS at the start of the dive.

Column Type Unit Description
6 Float Degrees Latitude
7 Float Degrees Longitude

File storage

Column Type Unit Description
8 Integer Bytes Total file storage on the drone
9 Integer Bytes Available free space


Note: All temperatures are in "deci-degrees Celsius", ie. to get °C you need to divide the value by 10.

Column Type Unit Description
11 Integer Deci-Celsius Bottom canister temperature
12 Integer Deci-Celsius Water temperature
13 Integer Deci-Celsius Top canister temperature
14 Integer Deci-Celsius CPU temperature

Internal humidity

Note: The unit is in deci-percent (ie. divide by 10 to get percent).

Column Type Unit Description
15 Integer Deci-percent Humidity in the top canister.
16 Integer Deci-percent Humidity in the bottom canister.


Column Type Unit Description
17 Integer - State of the on-board light. Range is 0 to 255.


Column Type Unit Description
22 Integer Milli-meters Depth below water surface. Positive values are below the surface, negative are above.

Control force

Control force is the force exerted on the drone by the control system.

Column Type Unit Description
29 Float Newton Force in the surge direction.
30 Float Newton Force in the sway direction.
31 Float Newton Force in the heave direction.
32 Float Newton-meters Moment in the yaw direction.

Orientation (pose)

Column Type Unit Description
32 Float Degrees Roll angle. Range from -180° - 180°
33 Float Degrees Pitch angle. Range from -180° - 180°
34 Float Degrees Yaw angle. Range from -180° - 180°


Column Type Unit Description
38 Integer Milli-volts Battery voltage
39 Integer Milli-amperes Battery current. Negative values are drained from the battery, positive are charged.
41 Integer Percent Relative state of charge. Range from 0 - 100 %